Nivair H. Gabriel is a writer, editor, and engineer. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and has contributed to io9.com, Fantasy Magazine, Pittsburgh Magazine, MIT’s The Tech, and the Hugo Award-winning Weird Tales. She holds Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing for Children and a Master of Arts degree in Children’s Literature from Simmons CollegeFull bio…

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Engaging Nonfiction with SCBWI

19 September 2023

As a young reader, I basically wouldn’t touch nonfiction. (My parents found this funny because my brother basically wouldn’t touch fiction!) As it happens, though, one of the first manuscripts I completed for my MFA program was a nonfiction picture book, and as an editor, I’ve now worked on several dozen nonfiction books for all … read more

Mastery of the Mind

11 October 2017

Of course, Dara had been bored and loud about it for every minute of the drive here. Now that I needed him to distract us with some antic from all this emotion, he stood still as a stone in the dullest alternate universe. Papa and I had just finished hugging, and judging by Mom’s tear-dampened … read more

Science Can DANCE!

14 August 2017

During my last year at MIT, my amazing friend Danielle and I bonded over our shared love of feminism, the arts, and smashing stereotypes. She was a computer science genius and cheerleader; I was a writer and aerospace engineer. We met at Senior House, a haven for artsy students that MIT destroyed*. While this is … read more