When I first put up this website, I was at the beginning of a very long illness. That’s why I’ve never managed to fill it up with content, although that’s still my goal.

Today, I am progressing in the long tail end of my recovery, and it is the official release date of the anthology that contains my first published original short story!

Queens & Courtesans anthology cover image

This anthology started as an idle daydream between friends, and became a spectacular team project—a way for a bunch of early-career writers to put our voices out there and honor the organization that brought us together. Queens & Courtesans is a labor of love; everyone who worked on it did so for free, and we decided to donate all proceeds to the Sirens conference for women in fantasy literature.

For me, Queens & Courtesans was not only a splendid way for me to support the community that has given me so much. It was also a way to tackle a publishing goal alongside kindred spirits, a chance to work on a professional project with no gatekeeper but passion. As someone recovering from brain damage and starting graduate school, I could only have contributed to a project like this, a noncompetitive and not-for-profit collaboration that was all about exploring ideas. There is no audience I’d rather write for than my sisters at Sirens—and if your great love is feminist fantastic fiction, I consider you a Sirens sister, for sure.

Find print or ebook copies of the anthology at:

Thank you from my heart of hearts for your support, and I hope you enjoy our stories!